fDi Intelligence 2024: Rotterdam, connectivity champion among large European cities 


Rotterdam continues to prove its position as the city of connectivity, in fDi Intelligence's Large European Cities of the Future 2024 report. Besides occupying the #1 spot for connectivity, the city is scoring 6th in overall, 8th in Human Capital and Lifestyle, as well as continuing to be in the top 10 for economic potential, FDI (foreign direct investment) strategy and business friendliness. Rotterdam has been scoring high in fDi Intelligence’s rankings consistently over the last few years, proving to be a hotspot destination for foreign investments, congresses, events and businesses.

International recognition for innovation and resilience

I am happy with the recognition from fDi Intelligence, highlighting Rotterdam’s continuous efforts towards energy transition. International acknowledgments like these are of high importance in showcasing our city’s advancements to the global community. Working closely with the City of Rotterdam, Invest in Holland and our network of stakeholders, we continue to position Rotterdam as an exemplary city of innovation, attracting foreign investors who recognize the value we bring to the international business landscape. These recognitions not only validate our efforts but also emphasize Rotterdam’s significance on the global stage.” – Jorn Douwstra, manager International Trade & Investment at Rotterdam Partners.


Full fDi Intelligence report

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