Rotterdam architect company V8 Architects win Sustainability Award at the Expo


The Dutch Pavilion has won the “Sustainable Project of the Year” award for the sustainable pavilion design by the Rotterdam architects V8 Architects in collaboration with local organizations Expomobilia,  Witteveen & Bos and Kossmanndejong.

The pavilion is designed as a temporary circular climate system in which water is harvested from the air, energy is collected from the sun and edible plants and oyster mushrooms are grown. Locally rented sheet piles and pipes are used as main construction materials and its interior is finished with bio-based and reusable materials. By returning or reusing all materials after Expo 2020 Dubai ends, the pavilion’s ecological footprint has been kept minimal.

V8 Architects, founded in 2011 in Rotterdam by Rudolph Eilander and Michiel Raaphorst are known for their unique characteristics architectural ideas focusing on complex projects. V8 Architects always tell a story of their surroundings by adding value to the modern and relevant societal challenges.

The Netherlands Pavilion is a perfect representation of V8 Architects, future-focused approach for a public building. By bringing out the collaboration with young innovators, V8 Architects present solutions for fundamental issues including water scarcity, food security, and the rapid increasing demand for energy within the society.

Photo: © V8 Architects / Jeroen Musch
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