Rikx wins the Global Mayors Challenge & accelerates social impact entrepreneurship globally


Rotterdam was among the top selected winners of Bloomberg Philanthropies Global Mayors Challenge with Rikx – a platform with a great social initiative - combating poverty and unemployment in the city. By giving a chance to those, with a distance to the labor market, Rikx offers an opportunity to get a second chance to find jobs.

As a city driven on inclusivity, ambitions and resilience, Rotterdam focuses on the power of social entrepreneurship and what it can bring to the city. With a foundation like Rikx, incentivizing businesses can hire vulnerable citizens to offer them work opportunities, this way giving residents a second chance and helping combat the struggles of unemployment. Such future-focus city example frames the Rotterdam mentality of working together.

Founded by Rebel to accelerate social impact entrepreneurship in the city, Rikx’s goal is to utilize social entrepreneurship, as an innovative method, that creates impact and converts it into a monetary value. By doing this, Rikx hopes to create a real societal change, with room for growth, development and community-oriented goals. Winning the Bloomberg Philanthropies Global Mayors Challenge means that Rikx will receive a 1 million dollar funding, coaching and technical assistance to further bring the initiative forward.

The 5th edition of Bloomberg Philanthropies Global Mayors Challenge continues to support most bold and ambitious ideas from all over the world. The 15 winner cities presented innovative and resilient ideas which would help tackle the global COVID-19 pandemic challenges. The winners proposed ideas relating to the following, in the cities, such as health & wellbeing, climate & environment, economic recovery & inclusive growth, gender and equality.

Rikx’s initiative fell under the health and well-being and according to Bloomberg Philanthropies, most common themes of winning innovations concentrated on reducing unemployment, boosting health or focusing on climate change. All of the winning ideas were meant to serve the city residents with a possibility to scale up internationally. To find the full list of winning cities, please visit Bloomberg Philanthropies Announces 15 Winners of the Global Mayors Challenge.

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