NEXUS European Summit Rotterdam 2018


Last week, the NEXUS European Summit was held in Rotterdam for the first time. NEXUS is a global community of social entrepreneurs, young investors and philanthropists who want to contribute to a fairer, more social and more sustainable world. This was the first time that a NEXUS European Summit was hosted by a city and not by a country’s head of state. The first edition was successfully received by the organisation. So successful in fact that the conference will be held in Rotterdam again in 2019.

Since 2015, Rotterdam has been promoting investments in social entrepreneurship, also called Impact Investing, to raise the city to a higher level. The municipality of Rotterdam, Rotterdam Partners and several private parties are working closely together in this initiative. A quartermaster appointed by Rotterdam Partners is currently working hard to be able to launch the Rotterdam Impact Initiative in the autumn.

NEXUS 2019 in Rotterdam

The interest shown by NEXUS in Rotterdam is an important boost to this ambition and will make a real contribution to achieving it in the coming period. NEXUS has already confirmed that it will be returning to Rotterdam in 2019.

The video below was made to give the NEXUS delegates an impression of the Rotterdam mentality and the many initiatives of social entrepreneurship in Rotterdam.

NEXUS 2018 Rotterdam, watch the video:

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