New Lonely Planet Mini Guide Rotterdam


Lonely Planet has issued a new edition of its Rotterdam Mini Guide with all the latest must-sees, hotspots and tourist highlights. This new Lonely Planet Mini Guide Rotterdam is the result of a collaboration between Lonely Planet and Rotterdam Partners. You can view this new Mini Guide on this webpage.

New locations

Lonely Planet’s Best In Travel declared Rotterdam one of the top 10 cities in the world to visit in 2016. To mark the occasion, a special Mini Guide was produced by Lonely Planet and Rotterdam Partners. The new 2018 edition of this Mini Guide offers tips for food & drink, architecture, arts & culture, festivals and events, and includes new locations and venues like Het Industriegebouw, Recycled Park and Op Het Dak. Rotterdam’s neighbouring city Schiedam is also featured.

The Lonely Planet Mini Guide is an exclusive edition, not on sale in any shops. Rotterdam Partners will use the Mini Guide in promotional activities and campaigns aiming to inspire and entice people to come to Rotterdam. In August of 2018 the mini guide Rotterdam was disseminated with the Lonely Planet Traveller Magazine UK.

View the Lonely Planet Mini Guide 2018 here:

Check the newest hotspots

Are you curious to see all hotspots of the Lonely Planet Mini Guide? Check them on the website of Rotterdam Tourist Information! There you will find all locations on one page.

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