Launch of Voor Goed, Rotterdam Impact Agency


Rotterdam abounds with great initiatives and parties eager to contribute to a more pleasant and attractive city. The newly founded Voor Goed, Rotterdam Impact Agency unites these Rotterdam-based social entrepreneurs, corporates, funds and municipal players to forge new connections and work out original solutions for the social issues facing the city.

For example, Voor Goed supports social entrepreneurs by linking them up with investors. The foundation enters into talks with those major businesses in the city that want to contribute to improving the social issues within Rotterdam by deploying their Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.

Voor Goed is a joint initiative of the Municipality of Rotterdam and Rotterdam Partners. Rotterdam is the first municipality that has established an autonomous organisation to achieve these goals.

“Although our city is doing well in a number of economic areas, there are still many people who do not benefit from this. One out of four children in our city lives in poverty and one out of nine adults is jobless. If we are to reduce these figures, there is a need for collaboration with more parties in our city, and I am therefore very pleased by the announcement of the foundation of Voor Goed,” says Alderwoman Barbara Kathmann (Economy).

Logistics planner and building director Sander de Iongh of Rotterdam Partners is convinced that Voor Goed can play an important role in the forging of new coalitions and the realisation of new solutions for the social issues that have faced Rotterdam for so long.

In addition to Voor Goed, efforts are underway to set up the SIFR, which will be funded by a number of capital funds. The objective of the SIFR, which will work closely with Voor Goed, is investment in social businesses that contribute to the resolving of the city’s social challenges. At this point in time, the organisers are still busy raising funds and attracting co-investors. The fund will be headed by a team of experienced fund managers, and it is anticipated that the official founding of the SIFR will take place this autumn.

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