fDi Intelligence 2023: Rotterdam the city with best connectivity and great lifestyle


Rotterdam remains the number one best-connected large European City in fDi Intelligence's European Cities and Regions of the Future report. In addition Rotterdam scores 4th in Human Capital and Lifestyle, as well top 10 rankings for economic potential, cost-effectiveness and overall. Rotterdam has been scoring high in fDi Intelligence’s rankings consistently over the last few years, making it a top choice for foreign investments.

Digital and physical connectivity

The Port of Rotterdam and leading research medical centre Erasmus MC play crucial roles as catalysts for the local and national economy, as well as pioneers of digital transformation. In our rapidly expanding innovation network, accessibility and sharing of data are vital. The local government, businesses, and organizations are working together and making investments to establish Rotterdam as a hub for digital connectivity.

Additionally, Rotterdam is widely recognized as the ‘gateway to Europe’. The advantageous geographical location near the North Sea and along the Maas River, combined with its well-developed port infrastructure, grants great accessibility. The city boasts exceptional connectivity, with train connections to all major European cities and two nearby airports offering direct flights to over 300 destinations. This multi-faceted transportation network ensures convenient access to Rotterdam by air, road, sea, and rail.

Rotterdam’s resilience & focus on renewables

Rotterdam’s consistent growth and developments, including quality of life and business climate, add to the international recognition of the city. With renewables being the key economic drivers, as stated by fDi Intelligence, Rotterdam has seen significant growth in renewable energy projects and investments. Some key highlights include a 2 billion expansion of a biomass project in Rotterdam by Finnish firm Neste, Shell’s development of Europe’s largest green hydrogen plant Holland Hydrogen 1 at Rotterdam’s Maasvlakte and BP’s active investments in hydrogen projects in Rotterdam.

International recognition of Rotterdam’s innovation efforts

Jorn Douwstra, manager International Trade & Investment at Rotterdam Partners: “We are very pleased with the fDi Intelligence’s recognition of Rotterdam’s efforts of becoming a resilient, future-proof city. Together with the City of Rotterdam and our strong network of local stakeholders, as well as regional ones like Invest in Holland, we are continuously striving to be an exciting hub for foreign investors who bring value to our city and can enforce the business ecosystem. Even with a changing investment climate, we are still doing well and I am pleased with the acknowledgment of Rotterdam’s strong physical and digital connectivity.”

About fDi Intelligence

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Header image: Iris van den Broek

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