Design, develop, deliver: entrepreneurship stories from Rotterdam


Rotterdam is a hotbed for forward-thinking international start-ups, scale-ups, and innovative SMEs. Rightfully so, because the city offers relevant, accessible networks, co-working hubs, special programs and is overall a great place to live. There are numerous success stories of entrepreneurs in Rotterdam, ranging from widely recognized figures to undiscovered talents. In this compilation, we present a diverse selection of change-makers who exemplify the city's future-focused entrepreneurial ecosystem. Each story serves as a testimonial to Rotterdam's thriving and innovative spirit.

This content series is in collaboration with Up!Rotterdam, a leading support program for scale-ups in Rotterdam. The stories shine a spotlight on entrepreneurial visionaries shaping the future of our city and who are driving innovation, future-proofing strategies, and collectively fuelling sustainable growth and our urban future.

Photo credits on this page: Iris van den Broek, Somnox, Hardt Hyperloop, maxwell+spark, Shypple, SolarDuck.

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