E1 raceboat demo during World Port Days in Rotterdam showcases the power of electrification


A CO2 neutral, emission free future for all is on the agenda of policy makers, inventors, scientists and companies around the world. What is this carbon neutrality about, how does it relate to our daily lives, for instance to transport and mobility? In the first weekend of September Rotterdam will host the first ever race simulation of the new E1 electric raceboat championship series during the World Port Days. A perfect showcase for electrification.

The E1 demonstrations in Rotterdam will be a preview of what  race E1 weekends will be like from next year onwards. The new E1 series will officially start in 2024 and Rotterdam will be one of its racing venues. In 2023 Rotterdam hosted the first ever demonstration of an operational RaceBird during the World Port Days (1-3 September).

It is no wonder that Rotterdam is an important venue for E1. The city is known for its commitment to the energy transition and sustainability in general. Its port, industries and entrepreneurial ecosystem and the typical Rotterdam way of collaborating to address important social issues, are all key drivers that bring forward innovative solutions which help speed up the energy transition. E1 uses racing as an innovation platform and has a sustainable mission to stimulate electrification in maritime mobility by supporting and creating important conversations about clean technologies and accelerating it of developing new solutions. Cooperation with the Port of Rotterdam is an example of how E1 achieves this.

Rodi Basso, Co-founder & CEO of E1: “With Rotterdam on our calendar next year, this event is just a taste of what lies ahead in our first season. Our presentation at the World Port Days shows the values ​​of E1 at a time when climate change is so sensitive, especially with our shared commitment to the electrification of the maritime industry and the building a sustainable future.”

Sabine Bruijnincx, Director of the World Port Days: “We are very happy that E1 returns to the World Port Days for the second time. The presence of multiple RaceBirds and commitment to promoting sustainability indoors the port of Rotterdam is truly remarkable.”

For more information on the World Port Days, please visit this website.

For more information on E1, including their latest press release, please visit this website.


Header image: (c) E1

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