Dutch Horticultural Days at the Expo 2020 Dubai: program of Food, Agriculture & Livelihoods


A new program – People and Planet kicked off at The Dubai 2020 Expo. Ten different themes over the course of half a year are diving into current societal challenges from the perspectives of culture, economics, society and environment. In February, a theme week Food, Agriculture & Livelihoods will take place, including the Horticultural Days on February 22 at the Netherlands Pavilion.

The Agri & Food industry is excelling in the Netherlands, with over 100 billion euros annual turnover and holding a position as the largest global exporter of agri-food products following the United States. At the Dubai Expo, private and public Dutch horticultural sectors will present how modern high-tech solutions can contribute sustainably to the globally increasing demand for food security. Given the challenging climate conditions in the country, the Netherlands opts to utilise holistic solutions for producing food locally, resulting in a great use for ensuring food security in countries worldwide.

Technological developments in horticulture are moving fast, especially in the field of controlled cultivation. From mid-tech and high-tech greenhouses to fully controlled cultivation systems, using artificial intelligence or robotics. These technological developments allow us to achieve our sustainability goals, such as water and energy savings and the use of plant breeding and natural crop protection.

By working together, and therefore strengthening the horticultural partnerships, the Netherlands will offer valuable horticultural knowledge and experience with the specific globally-acclaimed challenges. Knowledge exchange on sustainable food production is not only regional but of global importance to reduce the environmental impact caused by food production. By considering consumer needs and joint efforts of the triple helix – government, business and applied science institutions, the Dutch Horticultural Days at Dubai 2020 Expo will spotlight how a small country has become a leader in the field of sustainable food production.

Organised together with the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, Innovation Quarter, Dutch Greenhouse Delta, Dutch Dubai, Province of South-Holland, Greenports Nederland and Rotterdam Partners, the Dutch Horticultural Days at the Expo will provide an insightful glimpse of the ecosystem approach for food production.

To find out more and stay up to date with the program, please visit World Expo 2020 Dubai – Horticultural Days. 

Register for the online convention at Horticultural Days – Registration.

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