Contributing together to (fashionable) sustainability in Rotterdam


The Rotterdam locals are often characterised by their ‘actions speak louder than words’ mentality. This will be all the more evident on Friday 15 November during the CleanUp Walk. Everyone is called upon to clear the streets and riverbanks of plastic waste near de Keilehaven. It’s time for action! This will be done prior to the re-release of the sustainable Rotterdam edition of The New Shopping Bag from SUSAN BIJL.

If you like to live sustainably, then you have probably been using The New Shopping Bag from SUSAN BIJL for a long time. For Rotterdammers who like to express their sustainable nature and ‘Rotterdammership’ literally, the re-release of The New Shopping Bag in ‘Wena & Rotte’ – the Rotterdam green-white-green – is not to be missed. The bag made from 100% recycled ripstop nylon was presented in the spring of 2019. It sold out in no time and will be available again from Friday 15 November. The bag was developed in collaboration with Rotterdam Tourist Information, part of Rotterdam Partners, the city’s marketing organisation.

Clean Up Walk

For 19 years, SUSAN BIJL has been working on making the production process of the bag, conceived in 2000 as a sustainable alternative to plastic bags, more sustainable. With this re-release of SUSAN BIJL ♥ Rotterdam, the Rotterdam brand is taking an important step in the greening of the iconic bag as it is the first collection made from 100% recycled material. To reinforce the message of sustainability, SUSAN BIJL and Recycled Island Foundation are organising the CleanUp Walk through the Keilehaven from 15:00 to 17:00. The collected plastic will be recycled by Recycled Island Foundation for the construction of new plastic traps, floating parks and furniture.

Sustainable business in Rotterdam

SUSAN BIJL is, of course, not the only sustainable Rotterdam brand that fights for a cleaner world and plastic-free oceans. Below are four truly-Rotterdam fashion brands that contribute to a cleaner world.

Rotterdam Tourist Information, SUSAN BIJL and Recycled Island Foundation invite everyone to participate in the CleanUp Walk. The launch of the bag and accompanying drinks will take place afterwards. ‘Wena & Rotte’ from SUSAN BIJL ♥ ROTTERDAM can be purchased exclusively from Rotterdam Tourist Information and the SUSAN BIJL flagship store from 15 November.

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