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Red Carpet Dinner 2021

13th edition - 4 October 2021, Theatre Zuidplein Rotterdam

The Red Carpet Dinner is the prestigious annual event of the city of Rotterdam, organised by Rotterdam Partners, welcoming newly arrived international companies to our city and introducing them to relevant business networks. The event provides unique opportunities to meet large national and international enterprises, innovative SME’s, (foreign) startups, ambassadors, (honorary) consuls, aldermen of local authorities and new international arrivals. Each year, Red Carpet Dinner has a theme that resembles Rotterdam's values and reflection of the year.

Red Carpet Dinner 2021

On Monday, 4 of October, 2021, The Red Carpet Dinner 2021 was hosted by Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb at Theater Zuidplein with a live audience of 150 people in accordance with the COVID-19 meansurements. This year's Red Carpet Dinner theme was resilience, aligning one of Rotterdam's core principles with the tough times many businesses faced during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Newly Arrived International Companies

Below, please find an alphabetically arranged selection of the newly arrived international companies in Rotterdam this year.

Applied Acumen


AsReader Europe

Advanced Oncotherapy

Dole Packaged Foods

Global Reach Logistics

Heraeus Netherlands





Previous editions

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