Rotterdam Hotel Label

Organising a conference, trade show or corporate event involves a lot of work. Besides choosing the city with the perfect, unique location(s), good accessibility and the right options for your programme, you also want to know if there are a sufficient number of hotel rooms available. And you want to be sure that you pay the right price. It would be great to have one point of contact with answers to all your questions. A partner to help you.

The Rotterdam Partners Convention Bureau will assist you impartially with knowledge, experience and connections throughout the entire process of the event. We offer the services of the Rotterdam Hotel Label especially for the often difficult and time-consuming process of finding and arranging hotel rooms. This assures you of the availability of a sufficient number of hotel rooms at a favourable, maximised price.

What is it, and what does it offer you?

The Rotterdam Hotel Label, a collaboration of Rotterdam Partners and the Rotterdam hotels, assists you in the organisation of your conference, trade show or corporate event and ensures the following:

  • Guaranteed availability of hotel rooms with affiliated hotels
  • Favourable, fixed maximum prices
  • Good price/quality level
  • Stress relief: Rotterdam Partners takes care of the hotel inquiry
  • Transparency regarding the application process, prices and availability
  • Support from an independent, non-profit organisation
  • With a request for a minimum of 750 rooms on a peak night, the hotels offer a minimum of 30% of the total number of rooms (based on availability)
  • The room rate includes a 12% commission for the client and a mark-up of the price is not allowed. This guarantees the price/quality of the guest’s room.

How does it work?

  • You contact Rotterdam Partners with your request for hotel rooms (with a minimum of 750 rooms per night);
  • Rotterdam Partners will contact you and inform you about the Rotterdam Hotel Label, the affiliated hotels and the associated conditions;
  • If the application is continued under the Rotterdam Hotel Label, Rotterdam Partners will send your request to all affiliated hotels under the terms of the Rotterdam Hotel Label;
  • Rotterdam Partners will send you a complete list with all the hotels, availability (rooms), prices and other information;
  • If you agree with (a selection from) the offer, Rotterdam Partners will communicate the name of the applicant, the name of the conference/event and the number of rooms to be booked to the selected hotels.*
  • The available, selected rooms are transferred to you. You hereby sign a contract with the Rotterdam Hotel Label, whereby conditions apply. You may decide to purchase more or fewer rooms than included in the offer from the Rotterdam Hotel Label. For this, you must contact the relevant hotel and reach an agreement with them yourself.
  • If you require a reliable housing agent for your request, Rotterdam Partners can put you in touch with one of our trusted local partners to assist you with this process.
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