The need for cyber resilience in mainport Rotterdam

Just how important are information security and cyber resilience in a leading port such as the one in Rotterdam? The answer can only be “very important”.

The digital revolution has changed the way we work. It has made our world bigger, but also smaller. It brings new opportunities, but also new risks. Risks that could cost us money. The port of Rotterdam is huge – both physically and in terms of gross domestic product. It is a highly connected physical and digital infrastructure and therefore vulnerable, from maritime and logistics to energy and chemicals.

Cybersecurity is a very complex playing field consisting of actors, threats, vulnerabilities, interests, implications across various axes, system processes – and, of course, the people who ultimately do their work every day.  Awareness is key to increasing digital resilience. For individual companies, the biggest threats are forms of cybercrime such as phishing and ransomware, but for the entire port area, it might be an attack from a foreign country. These threats deserve our attention and call for courage and resilience.

Read all about cyber resilience in the Port of Rotterdam in this article on the Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe website.


Header photo: Eric Bakker, Port of Rotterdam

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