Rotterdam Marketing Award: sustainable and innovative

Rotterdam is synonymous with innovation, sustainability and creativity. The Rotterdam Marketing Awards 2021 were recently presented. The big winners were Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen, Menno van Gorp and Mario Kadiks. But there was another 'winner', namely Hans Boodt Mannequins, the designer and maker of the special trophy and, just like Rotterdam, frontrunners in innovation and sustainability.

Hans Boodt Mannequins is located in Zwijndrecht, just south-east of Rotterdam. The company designs, develops and produces mannequins for clients all over the world. “As long as it is done in a way that is good for people and the planet.” Says Remon Koster, Account Manager Netherlands at Hans Boodt Mannequins. The company’s customers are mainly high-end stores, department stores, chains or individual retailers. And now and then a client with a completely different request, such as Rotterdam Partners.

Because display figures may still be the ‘core business’ of Hans Boodt Mannequins, but that is no longer the only thing the company supplies. The special Rotterdam Marketing Awards were recently made for Rotterdam Partners, with an appropriate Dutch ‘nickname’ weROTbol, which refers to both the shape and the city of Rotterdam. The design of the award is inspired by the city of Rotterdam, with of course the characteristic green and white flag. The skyline of Rotterdam has been incorporated into the base as a subtle detail.

Sustainability key

Everything Hans Boodt Mannequins does is based on a set of core values. “Dutch, Rebellious, Young, Innovative & Creative” says Remon. “With our in-house 3D design department and printing facilities, we can design and print almost anything you can imagine. Our products are constantly evolving. We do product development and innovation in a way that is good for people and planet.”

Sustainability, corporate responsibility and innovation are inextricably linked for Hans Boodt Mannequins. One of the four well-defined objectives is to be the most sustainable player in the market. “That purpose runs through everything we do,” explains Remon. “From developing to disseminating. From marketing to product. In addition to looking for sustainable materials and production options, we also continuously work on contributing to a better world by offering an ‘end of life program’. This includes reuse of materials and 2nd life. That means, among other things,  supporting start-ups, new ventures and finding a second home for products at theatres, community and charity.”

Photo: The winners proudly show their Rotterdam Marketing Awards, created by Hans Boodt Mannequins

The Rotterdam Marketing Award is an example of sustainable innovation and creativity, which Remon can look back on with pride. “The award was designed by our in house design department and then printed in a resin 3D printer. We then finished it off locally in its golden color. By having the award finished entirely in-house and locally, it has become a sustainable product. Something that we are very proud of. And to top it off, we made this for Rotterdam, the city that, just like us, is committed to innovation and sustainability. Great, or what?”

Read more about Hans Boodt Mannequins here.


Header image: render by Hans Boodt Mannequins

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