Rotterdam as international springboard for We4Sea

Rotterdam’s maritime cluster boasts many innovative startup and scale-up companies that actively contribute to the strength and success of the industry. We4Sea is one of these companies. An innovative, frontrunner scale-up that has the ambition to make shipping more efficient, cleaner, cheaper and sustainable.

Digital Twin Concept

We4Sea has developed a unique digital twin concept that helps in reducing the fuel consumption of seagoing vessels, by monitoring the performance of any seagoing vessels remotely without the need to be onboard. In the five years of their existence, We4Sea has grown from startup into a successful scale-up company that from its operational base in Rotterdam, helps clients worldwide to optimise their fleets and reduce emissions.

Read more about We4Sea and their innovative solution (and watch a short video), and also about the opportunities Rotterdam has to offer for growing companies looking to expand into international markets on the website of Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe.

Header photo: Kees Torn, Port of Rotterdam

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