"We had excellent support in Rotterdam. Everything came together."

A congress on cities of today and of the future. Dealing with urban development, architecture and finding smart solutions for global urban issues. Where better to organize such a congress than in Rotterdam? “There’s nowhere better” was the answer Architektenkammer Nordrhein-Westfalen (Germany) came up with. They recently visited Rotterdam with app. 300 participants for their congress Stadt 4.0 Fata Morgana oder Lösung (City 4.0 Fata Morgana or Solution).

How do cities worldwide deal with the fast increasing populations? And how should they deal with this in the future? How can we develop our cities sustainably and in such a way that they remain places where people can and want to live and work? These and other questions were topics for discussion during the congress ‘Stadt 4.0 Fata Morgana oder Lösung’ , organized by Architektenkammer NRW.

The congress took place from 30 May – 1 June 2018 at Scheepvaart en Transport College (STC), Lloydstraat in Rotterdam, overlooking the Maas river. The formal opening of the congress was organized at Cruise Terminal Rotterdam and a special dinner was served at ss Rotterdam.

Watch the video impression of this congress:

City with many different faces

Architektenkammer NRW had good reasons for choosing Rotterdam as host city for their congress. President Dipl.-Ing Ernst Uhing: “Rotterdam is a city with many different faces. This is important for us, as architects and urban planners. Rotterdam is also very compact and has many exciting opportunities and places that you can easily reach for example on bike or on foot. And last but by no means least, Rotterdam is a place where we can expand our network with frontrunners who challenge us and who show us how we could potentially deal with urban challenges in Germany.”

Support by Rotterdam: everything came together!

Both the congress organisation and the participants felt right at home in Rotterdam. Mr Ernst Uhing is quite clear about the support he got from Rotterdam Partners. “We appreciated their services very much. The organisation, the preparations, the way we dealt with each other, their professionality… everything came together!”

Congress overview:

  • 300 participants
  • 2 congress days
  • 4 locations (STC, Cruise Terminal Rotterdam, ss Rotterdam, James Cook)
  • Hotel congress participants: Mainport Hotel Rotterdam
  • Diverse social programme
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