Our mission, vision & strategy

Rotterdam Partners is the official Destination Marketing Organisation & Investment Agency for the city of Rotterdam. Focusing on the sustainable growth of the Rotterdam economy, we work hard every day on our two main objectives: positioning Rotterdam as an attractive city and showcasing Rotterdam Partners as an appealing organisation.

We want Rotterdam to be known worldwide as one of the most attractive European cities in which to set up business, visit as a tourist, organise a congress or any other business event or deploy your talent. Once businesses, visitors and residents have settled in Rotterdam, they invariably embrace the city and become its loyal ambassadors. We want everyone to recognise Rotterdam as a bold city of trendsetters; a city that is diverse in all conceivable aspects. We want Rotterdam to be famous as a living lab brimming with innovation, experiments and new entrepreneurship, and also as a socially resilient city. In years to come, this image will draw growing numbers of international businesses, congresses and tourists to Rotterdam, all of them attracted by the identity of the city. In this way, the growth of Rotterdam will contribute to a lively and liveable city for residents, as well as promoting the economic transition of the city.

Strategic priorities

To realise these ambitions and acting in the role of director, we seek to achieve integral positioning and joint marketing for Rotterdam, ensuring cohesion in the marketing, acquisition and facility choices of the city. In that context, the following strategic priorities will be key in the years to come.

  • We will continue to drive growth that contributes to the strengthening of the Rotterdam economy and the industries that are relevant to the city’s economic transition. Metropolitan ambitions such as innovation, digitalisation, sustainability, circularity and inclusiveness are leading for this commitment.
  • We will go on making determined efforts to improve the appeal of the city for businesses, visitors and residents, always aiming to achieve a positive experience of Rotterdam.
  • We will promote our marketing expertise to the relevant stakeholders in order to realise an integrated strategy and implementation, thus enhancing the international marketing and sales clout of the city.

This is how we plan to underpin the next leap in the ongoing development of a flourishing and future-proof economy for Rotterdam, as well as a lively and liveable city for Rotterdam’s residents.

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