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Our strategy

In four years' time, we want Rotterdam to be known as one of the most attractive cities in Europe in which to set up a business, but also to visit as a tourist, organise a congress or some other business event or simply to make the most of your talents. Once settled, these businesses, visitors and residents are bound to embrace Rotterdam and become true ambassadors for the city.

We want everyone to think of Rotterdam as a bold city of pioneers and an example of diversity in every conceivable area. We want Rotterdam to be known as a living lab, bristling with innovation, experiments and fresh entrepreneurship, and as a socially resilient city. In the years to come, this image will attract a growing number of international businesses, congresses and tourists to Rotterdam, all of them drawn by their affinity with the city’s identity. This growth of the city is bound to contribute to the prosperity and well-being of all those living in Rotterdam, as well as supporting the furtherance of the city’s economic transition.

To be able to realise these ambitions – and operating in our role as director – we will continue to drive the integral positioning and joint marketing of Rotterdam while ensuring coherence in the city’s marketing, acquisition and service choices. In that context, the following strategic priorities will prevail in the years to come.

  • In keeping with our city’s identity and brand strategy we will position Rotterdam as ‘Bold, Forward, Culture’. We will market Rotterdam internationally as a pioneer in the transition towards the new economy and attract the frontrunners within our markets in order to accelerate this transition.
  • We will drive growth that contributes to strengthening the economy of Rotterdam and the sectors that are relevant to the city’s economic transition. The urban ambitions that are leading in this are innovation, digitalisation, sustainability, circularity and inclusivity.
  • We are working on a focused improvement in the attractiveness of the city for businesses, visitors and residents, driving a positive Rotterdam experience.
  • We connect expertise in the market with relevant stakeholders to achieve an integral strategy and implementation, thus enhancing the city’s international marketing and sales force.

In these ways we are driving the next leap in the ongoing development of a flourishing and future-proof Rotterdam economy, and a lively and livable city for Rotterdam’s residents.

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