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RDM Kantine

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Address & contact Heijplaatstraat 3
3089 JB Rotterdam
010 429 1834
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About RDM Kantine

The industrial RDM Kantine is located in the middle of the Rotterdam Dokhaven and is suitable for weddings, parties, receptions, private dinners and gatherings. At the place where the RDM workers used to recover from hard work. The RDM Canteen is not only accessible via the mainland, but also has water connections to the Lloyd Quarter and the Erasmus Bridge.

Outside of wedding
In good weather you can get married outside on the pier. You can hardly get closer to the worldly experience of our port of Rotterdam! If the weather is not nice enough for your wedding ceremony to take place, you can possibly cut your cake outside, toast or hold your reception. Your guests will be treated to a phenomenal view! You can make the experience of the port complete by letting the guests arrive by water taxi or water bus.

The RDM Canteen has two rooms that can also be connected to each other by opening the glass with wooden doors on industrial pulleys. For example, the RDM Canteen can create a nice dance / sitting combination for you during your reception or party, but also make the room more cozy for your dinner or wedding ceremony.

Naam T C R D M2 H
De Zaal 100 60 200 120
De Kantine 125
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