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Have you become enthusiastic about Rotterdam and would you like to experience our city and find inspiration there yourself? It would be our pleasure to help you plan and prepare a site inspection. Based on your requests and wishes, we can create a suitable programme. We will get in touch with the relevant parties in the city, so that this will take you as little time as possible. During a site inspection, we will show you - at your request - the latest hotspots and highlights and let you experience the urban vibe of our city. In addition to this, we regularly organize fam trips, an effective way to get to know Rotterdam together with your colleagues from the travel industry.

What we will do for you

As the official Tourism Board, we can offer you independent, professional and free advice. It would be our pleasure to help you plan and prepare your visit to Rotterdam. Here’s what we will do for you:

  • We arrange site inspections
  • We organise fam trips
  • We create a suitable programme
  • We connect you to relevant parties in the city
  • We are your personal guide during a visit to Rotterdam

If you are curious about what else we can do for you, please check the detailed list of our services.

Relevant information

Below, you will find an overview of the relevant sources that we offer to make your life easier:

Interested in a site inspection? Download a sample program:

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