Our services

Do you want to write an article on Rotterdam? Or film a report on the city? Rotterdam Partners will be happy to talk over the possibilities with you and can offer a variety of services. Take a look at our calendar. Rotterdam plays host to numerous activities and events which could make a good story.

Press reception

Rotterdam Partners organises and coordinates all sorts of press receptions throughout the year. We can help you draw up a tailor-made programme suited to your target group and medium. Take a look at the press receptions in the programme.

Press requests

Do you have specific requests as a member of the press? Would you like assistance with an article or media report? Do you want to be put in touch with relevant contacts in Rotterdam? Or would you like help with putting together a programme you are making in Rotterdam? Rotterdam Partners’ press team welcomes all your media requests.

Making contacts

Rotterdam Partners knows Rotterdam inside out. We can put you in touch with the relevant contacts in the city. We can also help set up interviews.

Rotterdam Image Bank

The Rotterdam Image Bank has over 700 photographs of Rotterdam available free of charge. They were taken by professional photographers from Rotterdam and elsewhere and can be used copyright-free in your journalistic work.