Facts and figures

How many people live in Rotterdam? What is the surface area of the city? How many different nationalities live here? Provided is a list of the major facts and figures. 


  • With about 635,000 residents, Rotterdam is the second largest city in the Netherlands.
  • It was founded in 1270 and was granted city rights in 1340.
  • The worst disaster to befall the city took place on 14 May 1940. On that Tuesday during the first year of the Second World War, practically the whole of Rotterdam’s old city centre was destroyed in the Rotterdam blitz. Read more about Rotterdam’s history here.
  • With a market share of 30% container throughput, Rotterdam is the largest port of Europe, tenth in the world.
  • The port stretches 40 kilometres out from the city towards the North Sea, along the reclaimed land of the Maasvlakte I and Maasvlakte II port-expansion projects.


Population (January 2017)    634,660
Surface area    32.416 hectares
Water 11.529 hectares
Nationalities app. 170
Number of hotel guests (2017) 1.164.000
Number of hotel overnight stays (2017)    1.835.000
Passengers Rotterdam The Hague Airport (2017) 862.117
Visits attractions (2017) 3.58 million
Top 5 attractions  
1. Diergaarde Blijdorp (Zoo)  
2. Euromast  
3. Spido  
4. Plaswijckpark  
5. ss Rotterdam  
Visits musea (2017) 1.26 million
Top 5 musea  
1. Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen  
2. Kunsthal Rotterdam  
3. Maritiem Museum  
4. Het Nieuwe Instituut  
5. Nederlands Fotomuseum  

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