Who are we

We are Rotterdam Partners. Rotterdam is at the heart of everything we do. We are proud of Rotterdam. Proud of its energy, its innovative and enterprising character and its port. Proud of its down-to-earth charm and international flair. Rotterdam is always on the move and that’s why we are convinced the city still offers a world of opportunities to be seized.

Rotterdam Partners is dedicated to moving the city forward. We arose from a merger of Rotterdam organisations with deep roots in city marketing, international investor recruitment and urban economic development. This pool of knowledge gives us a  rock-solid foundation. We focus on Rotterdam’s image and promote the Rotterdam region nationally and internationally. We open Rotterdam’s doors to future visitors, companies, residents and students and show them around our city. We enthuse and inspire them. We also convince them to visit, do business, locate their companies and hold their congresses in Rotterdam. And we encourage them to come here to live or study. Our broad spectrum of activities makes it difficult to sum up our organisation in one word. We’re responsible for city marketing, acquisition marketing and helping with the development of a better business climate. This is how we strengthen the Rotterdam economy in the broadest sense of the term.

All our employees are passionate about Rotterdam. With unbridled enthusiasm and energy, they put their knowledge to work to facilitate the city’s progress in their own unique way. They help tourists and expats get around. They attract international companies, congress organisers and intermediaries from the travel industry and national and international journalists to the city. They promote Rotterdam through campaigns and ensure that people around the world can discover that Rotterdam is the place to be. They roll out the red carpet and extend a warm welcome. And they do it for everyone: from companies and visitors to residents and students.

Rotterdam Partners serves as the lynchpin within the city. We speak the language of administrators and companies, and we know the influencers and decision-makers in Rotterdam. This makes us uniquely able to connect people from inside and outside Rotterdam quickly and efficiently. And when necessary we play a pivotal role in enabling initiatives to take off and flourish. We are independent within this process and make the difference. Rotterdam Partners believes in the power of collaboration. The city’s best ambassadors are the people of Rotterdam themselves. Rotterdam Partners has access to a large number of networks of Rotterdam organisations who support our shared mission to move the city forward.

We give our networks an express role in promoting Rotterdam. We believe this lies at the heart of the strength of Rotterdam city marketing. Together we as a city can make an outstanding impression.