Networks, Marketing and Communications

Rotterdam Partners is actively engaged in strengthening the Rotterdam economy. We do this by connecting organisations, people and networks in and around the city, by bringing together demand and resources on investment matters, and by actively communicating with local residents, visitors, professionals and students on the issues that matter to them. That's how we are working towards building strong connections that can serve the interests of Rotterdam's economic development and advance a positive image of the city and brand of Rotterdam both nationally and internationally.


Rotterdam Partners promotes dialogue and exchange of knowledge and experience between partners and networks in the city and the local authorities from a regional, national and international perspective. This dialogue takes place on multiple levels, including within the International Advisory Board and the Rotterdam Economic Council, and is a driver of Rotterdam's economic policy. Together, we define specific projects on relevant themes and in them unite the strengths of multiple stakeholders in the city. The Networks, Marketing and Communications department participates in and lends its knowledge and organisational strength to the Rotterdam Economic Council and other city-wide networks like Rotterdamse Nieuwe.

Marketing and Communications

Rotterdam Partners' communications is directed towards current and potential visitors, residents, expats, the national and international travel industry, the business visitor market (MICE), new international commercial locations, established companies, partners, the media and other stakeholders. The Networks, Marketing and Communications department handles the production of target group-specific information, the development and production of online and offline communications resources, campaigns and the national and international media strategy, and organises or co-organises events. This makes the department a vital participant in informing and inspiring our target groups and boosting the image of Rotterdam. The department also fulfils a key role in the implementation of the Rotterdam city branding strategy and Joint Marketing to strengthen the Rotterdam brand.