Joint Marketing and the Rotterdam Branding Toolkit

“Hand in hand, kameraden!”, literally translates to “Join hands, friends” is the Feyenoord Football Club anthem and nothing defines Rotterdam better. Therefore, we bring this slogan to life through the city marketing of Rotterdam. We strongly believe in telling the story of Rotterdam together, activating the Rotterdam brand together and jointly inspiring and encouraging people to come to Rotterdam and stay there. We want to do this with people and organisations that – like us – have a great love for Rotterdam and believe in the city.

The Brand Alliance

The Brand Alliance is a collaboration between Rotterdam Partners and the Port of Rotterdam, the Erasmus University Rotterdam, the City of Rotterdam, Rotterdam Topsport, Rotterdam Festivals (and hopefully a few more parties in the future). It is the most important example of structural cooperation in the city in the field of joint marketing. Together with these parties, we have adopted the same positioning and the same brand: Rotterdam. Make it Happen. We are jointly responsible for loading and activating the Rotterdam. Make it Happen brand. And this brand is the basis for everything we do as the Brand Alliance.

Within the Brand Alliance, we cooperate amongst others in the field of:

  • Brand activation: throughout the year, we nominate various activities in the city as very suitable for the Rotterdam. Make it Happen brand, and include these festivals or events in our joint communication.
  • Storytelling: by telling the story behind a certain entrepreneur, a fun festival or a new great initiative, we want to illustrate what Rotterdam. Make it Happen stands for, using something large or small that really makes it characteristic of Rotterdam. The stories bring the brand to life.

Everyone can contribute to joint marketing

Many businesses, institutions and organisations in Rotterdam, little or large, from multinationals to small non-profit organisations are already contributing in their own way to strengthening the Rotterdam brand and the positive perception of our city. They do this by showing beautiful pictures of Rotterdam on their own website, by referring to or showing the City of Rotterdam in speeches at professional conferences, by including ‘Rotterdam’ in a product name or by mentioning in corporate magazines how great it is to live, work and dwell in our city.

Taking part in the promotion of our city is simple. The Rotterdam Branding Toolkit is a specially developed online platform with rights-free (and free of charge) pictures, texts and facts & figures about Rotterdam. In addition, there are promotional videos that can be shown during events. The Rotterdam Branding Toolkit contains examples of ways in which everyone can join in with joint marketing.