Historical ties between Rotterdam and China

Rotterdam maintains cordial relations with countries and cities all around the world. The city’s connections to various nations date back hundreds of years and encompass commerce, sports and culture. Working in collaboration with Stad en Bedrijf, Rotterdam Partners has developed an interactive timeline showing the relationship between Rotterdam and China. Many key events related to trade and commerce are displayed in this timeline, as well as significant moments in culture.

Interactive timeline

Use the arrows to either side of the images to browse through the timeline 'chronologically'. Or use the scroll bar at the bottom to chose specific events.

Please note: the photos/illustrations in this interactive timeline are (c) of the respective copyright holders and may not be used in any way whatsoever without their permission. If you want to use any of these photos/illustrations, you are responsible for arranging permission from the copyright holders before doing so. Contact the copyright holders listed under each photo to make appropriate arrangements. Rotterdam Partners is not an intermediary or representative of the copyright holders.

Header photo: Kunst en Vliegwerk, Gerhard van Roon RP

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