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Looking for a location for your business in Rotterdam? We are here to help you find the right location for you. We will help you with advice about all the options that meet the criteria that matter to you, such as criteria relating to the size of your company, the kind of operations, logistics connections, and accessibility. Ultimately, you will get custom advice from us based on an extensive market analysis. And we will put you in touch with the right agencies and institutions in our city right away, so that you can get started quickly and efficiently.

What we will do for you

We, Rotterdam Partners International Trade & Investment, will give you independent and professional advice, entirely free of charge. We will be happy to help you explore Rotterdam as a location.

  • We will advise you on options that suit your business.
  • We will conduct an extensive market analysis and deliver tailored advice.
  • We will put you in touch with relevant agencies and institutions in Rotterdam

If you are curious about what else we can do for you, please check the detailed list of our services.

Relevant information

Below you will find a list of the relevant tools and information that we offer to make life easier for you:

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