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Information about Brexit and the uncertainty you face as a company is spread out and fragmented. You may feel overwhelmed because of this. Rotterdam Partners guides you through the uncertainty by assessing the most relevant reports and sources. We would like to add that Brexit is intrinsically uncertain and that circumstances are continually changing.

Ever since the end of WWII the European integration has moved forward; a step back is new to every stakeholder. This uncertainty is also literally noted in the joint declaration the UK and the EU publicised after the first round of negotiations: nothing is decided until everything is decided. It is essential to remember that there will be no transition phase if there is no deal, so there will be no arrangements whatsoever on UK-NL trade after March 29th 2019, including all possible trade barriers. However, this does not mean that you should just let it all happen. A good preparation where you hope for the best, but prepare for the worst, could prevent you from dealing with many unpleasant surprises when the UK really leaves the EU. Dutch companies are already experiencing a slowdown in demand from the UK market due to the lower sterling: in 2017 export volume to the UK was at the same level as the previous year, whereas total Dutch export value increased by over 10% to 469 billion euros.

Below you will find a concise overview of what has happened so far, which phases are yet to come, the most relevant research into the effects of Brexit for the Netherlands, the various options/scenarios, the consequences for you as a company/entrepreneur for each of these scenarios and sector-specific information. At the bottom of the page you will find the contact details of our IT&I department, who are more than willing to help you with all your questions related to Brexit.

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