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Smart City Clipper Session, Baltimore USA

By necessity due to our vulnerable location in the Dutch delta, Rotterdam has become a true global leader in climate change adaptation. We are now one of the safest delta cities in the world and lead the way globally in the areas of innovation, sustainability and adaptation to climate change. Our city actively invests in the development and application of innovative solutions, making the Rotterdam region a large living lab and real life testing ground. Our climate adaptation strategy and circular economy approach is setting such an example across the world that both the UN Global Center on Adaptation as well as the International Solid Waste Association have chosen to locate in Rotterdam. Rotterdam actively shares this knowledge with the world.

For that reason, we are currently in the United States for a trade mission to enable American and Dutch resilience experts to exchange knowledge and experiences. Today we are in our sister city Baltimore in the State of Maryland. Many similarities on the theme of resilience exist between Rotterdam and Baltimore: the immediate proximity to the coast, our ports and our ambition to be a smart and resilient city.

Today Rotterdam Partners, City of Rotterdam, Embassy of the King of the Netherlands, Baltimore-Rotterdam Sister City Committee and Maryland Department of Commerce have organised  an event on Flood Resilience  that will take place on board of historical clipper sailing ship ‘City of Amsterdam’.

During sessions the cities of Rotterdam and Baltimore and the State of Maryland will exchange best practices and challenges with regards to the role of flood resilience in facing the need to adapt their cities to climate change and in particular focus on how technology can contribute to making cities more resilient. It offers Dutch companies the opportunity to explore how their technology can serve as a solution for these cities’ challenges and build a network in the field of resiliency.

The clipper is the stage for the U.S. trade mission with more ‘Smart City Clipper Sessions’ in Miami, Baltimore, Boston and New York. All results will be presented during the leading global Smart City Congress in New York. @Barbara Kathmann, the Alderman for Economy of the City of Rotterdam will be present at the congres.

Participating Dutch companies include Metropolder (Rotterdam), Rebel (Rotterdam), West8 (Rotterdam), Arcadis (Amsterdam), Deltares (Delft), One Architecture & Urbanists (Amsterdam), Sempergreen (Odijk) and Strateq (Delft).

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