4x inspiring co-working spaces in Rotterdam where you can also relax


Are you looking for a co-working space where you can work in peace and silence? With a fast wifi connection and good coffee? A place that gives you the opportunity to relieve the stress on a busy workday? Or are you looking for an energetic workplace which inspires your creativity? Whatever you fancy, Rotterdam has a range of unique and inspiring co-working spaces.

Co-working space 1. 42workspace Rotterdam

In between the restaurants and cafés on the burstling Witte de Withstraat you’ll find 42workspace, a community of tech and digital entrepreneurs. The flexible contracts offer different possibilities. From renting a private office to a flex desk, but also a day pass is an option. In the basement of 42workspace is a fully equipped gym and every morning they serve a power breakfast for members.

42 Workspace Rotterdam

Co-working space 2. Spaces Rotterdam

Spaces Rotterdam is located at Hofplein at a walking distance of the Central Station. Rent a private designdesk or meet fellow flexworkers in the business club. You have access to the stylish furnished office 24/7. They organize talks and events regularly, such as Monday morning yoga.

Spaces Rotterdam

Co-working space 3. Hashstag Workmode

Working in a real Instagram heaven? Think about a desk at Hashtag Workmode. This hub for entrepreneurial women offers desks for 1, 3 or 5 days a week. The windows in the Rotterdam office are 4 meters high, so enough daylight for a inspiring workday.

Hashtag Workmode

Co-working space 4. Tribes Rotterdam

The co-working place for digital nomads is Tribes. The offices in Rotterdam are based on nomadic tribes from Papua-New-Guinea and they’re located directly near the stations Rotterdam Blaak and Rotterdam Central Station. The memberships for flexible work spaces offer entrance to Tribes in the whole world. The mind needs to travel to be creative.

Tribes Rotterdam
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