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Maritime & Offshore

Rotterdam is the maritime capital of Europe. Rotterdam’s strategic location near the North Sea, Atlantic and major European rivers, has led to the development of a world-class cluster of maritime expertise, backed up by centuries of experience in shipping and trade. The Rotterdam of today is the centre of maritime innovation attracting companies and talent from all over the world.

The port of Rotterdam is the economic powerhouse at the heart of this maritime ecosystem. The huge port infrastructure supports a wider maritime cluster that is the most complete in Europe, employing 384,500 people and accounting for 6.2% of Dutch GDP (€45.6 billion). Here you’ll find international businesses offering everything from logistics and offshore operations and maintenance, to maritime technology and the full spectrum of maritime business services.

This strong maritime community has an open attitude towards innovation, which makes Rotterdam special in an otherwise traditional sector. Companies of all sizes see Rotterdam as a great place to develop, test and adopt innovations that can renew their business. That creates unrivalled opportunities for collaboration between large corporates and SMEs to create new technologies and solve real world problems.

Rotterdam Offshore Wind Coalition

Rotterdam aims to become Europe’s leading offshore port. The Rotterdam Offshore Wind Coalition, a group of Rotterdam-based frontrunners in the offshore wind sector have announced their shared ambition to play a leading role in this industry. Collaboration, sharing success and innovation are three key spearheads that enable the partners to realise projects on a range of different scales. The Rotterdam Offshore Wind Coalition is proud to present a new video tour of Rotterdam’s port area that shows the various activities and opportunities in offshore wind.

How we help

Are you looking for the next strategic location to expand your international operations? With a strategic location in the heart of the European market, excellent connectivity and a business climate that fosters innovation, Rotterdam is the right choice for the future. Setting up and do business in Rotterdam is easy and Rotterdam Partners will guide you every of the way. Click here for an overview of our services.

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