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The real work only starts after you have won the bid or the pitch. Organizing the International conference or business event takes up a lot of time and coordination with various parties in the city. It entails a fair amount of logistical and financial challenges. The conference or event locations need to be booked, hotel rooms need to be block booked and transportation will need to be arranged. In the case of a conference, a lot of time and attention must be dedicated to finding sponsors and promoters to attract a sufficient number of participants. The close cooperation between the partners in the city makes it possible to plan everything correctly from a distance and to retain enough influence on proceedings. In the run-up to the international conference or business event, we can support you with advice and expertise in various areas. We would like to think along with you to find a good solution if you find yourself facing logistical challenges or other bottlenecks. We could get you in touch with a PCO that takes over the actual organization of the conference or event from you. Moreover, we offer promotional tools about Rotterdam that you could use during the international conference or business event.

What we will do for you

As an official Convention Bureau, we offer you independent, professional and free advice. We are happy to help you plan and prepare your international conference or business event in Rotterdam. Here’s what we will do for you:

  • We advice you about organizing a conference or event
  • We connect you with PCO for organizing a conference
  • We advice you on a social programme
  • We offer you promotional tools for use during the conference or event
  • We offer a hospitality desk at the conference or event

Are you curious about what else we can do for you? View the complete overview of our services.

Relevant information

 Below, you will find an overview of information that we offer you to make your work easier:

  • Conference kits with city maps and leaflets about the city
  • City information for delegates to be used on the conference website
  • Hospitality desk during the conference
  • Exhibition panels with pictures of Rotterdam
  • Deployment of Rotterdam Tourist Information at Rotterdam Centraal Station
  • Slogan on the digital Wow screen opposite Rotterdam Centraal Station (against a fee)
  • Conference poster + conference flyer (only associations)
  • A Rotterdam congress menu

Download the checklist about how to organize a congress below:

Proceed to step 6: Stay up to date.

Header picture: Lorenzo van Galen, Bigguban (screenshot from video)

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