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Do you wish to make a bid for an international conference? Or have you been asked to create a pitch for a business event? We understand that this takes a lot of time and coordination. That is why we are happy to support you in this process. We would connect you with the right contacts and are at your service to select suitable conference and event locations and to make enquiries about availability and to ask for quotations. And we would support you in creating a suitable bid or proposal that stands out and wows the decision-makers. As an independent Convention Bureau we do not enter into negotiations with the venues about rates, however we are happy to think along with you about creative possibilities that are within your budget. After all, a suitable hotel and venue is possible in Rotterdam for each budget and for each ambiance. Additionally, we support you in comparing quotations, in creating your budget and the proposal. In the case of international association conferences, we are happy to produce, co-finance and present bid books and/or presentations. We are well versed in grant schemes and stimulation measures and it would be our pleasure to give you advice about the possibilities for subsidies, such as the Stimulation Fund International Association Conferences. Apart from that, a welcome reception at the town hall and the presence of councillors and/or the city mayor is one of the possibilities.

What we will do for you

As an official Convention Bureau, we offer you independent, professional and free advice. We would like to help you create the budget and the bid or proposal. Here’s what we will do for you:

  • We connect you with the right contacts and hotel and event locations
  • We help you with requesting and comparing quotations
  • We connect you to a DMC for negotiation with hotel and event locations
  • We advise you on the budget and the bid or proposal
  • We present the bid to the board (for associations)

Are you curious about what else we can do for you? View the complete overview of our services.

Relevant information

Below, you will find an overview of information that we offer you to make your work easier: 

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