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Passionate about Rotterdam

Together with the city, we work towards the success of Rotterdam, with pride, pleasure and commitment. Our expertise is bundled in seven teams, each with its own focus on service and target groups. But all with a common goal: to help Rotterdam move forward.

Strategy, Processes & Business Intelligence

The Strategy, Processes & Business Intelligence (SPBI) team directs the design and drives the strategy, the objectives and the associated layout of the organisation. This team is responsible for the business intelligence (trends, data, research, reports and other relevant information) that empowers and steers the decision making of all our teams Business intelligence (BI) also supports the sales teams in their strategic and proactive acquisition efforts. The Strategy, Processes & Business Intelligence team is also responsible for putting in place the work processes that ensure optimal synergy and collaboration between colleagues and the various business units within Rotterdam Partners. The team members of SPBI work closely with the Business Operations team on the translation and embedding of work processes into systems.

Marketing & Communication

The Marketing & Communication team takes the lead in positioning Rotterdam as an attractive city. Directing the organisation’s integral marketing strategy, the team ensures that Rotterdam is well-known and popular within the target groups relevant to the organisation. In this way, the team helps to attract the international businesses, visitors and residents who will support a sustainable economic future for Rotterdam. Marketing & Communication also fulfils a coordinating role in the implementation and application of the marketing strategy across the other segments of the organisation, translating the marketing strategy into sustainable and conversion-driven campaigns and platforms. The team is also responsible for the organisation’s marketing communication messages.

Corporate Communication, Media & Public Affairs

The Corporate Communication, Media & Public Affairs team ensures that Rotterdam is positioned as an attractive city by actively crafting a positive image of the city in the national and international media. This positive, high-quality media messaging is aligned to the marketing and organisation strategy of Rotterdam Partners. The Corporate Communication, Media & Public Affairs team also helps to direct the positioning of Rotterdam Partners as an attractive organisation. It is responsible for managing the reputation of the organisation and for maintaining the positive relationship with stakeholders so essential to Rotterdam Partners for realising its objectives and mission. The team fulfils its commitment to the excellent external and internal dialogue of the organisation by ensuring that the co-workers of Rotterdam Partners are able to maintain consistent external and internal communications.

International Trade & Investment

The International Trade & Investment (IT&I) team is committed to ensuring the sustainable growth of the Rotterdam economy by positioning the city as an attractive location for international business, and for ensuring that type of business or investor attracted will fit in with the economic growth ambitions of Rotterdam. The team also ensures that, once established, such businesses and their employees receive the ‘red carpet treatment’. The Rotterdam Expat Centre, which forms part of IT&I and works closely with the Immigration and Naturalisation Service, provides a one-stop-shop for expats. In addition, the International Trade & Investment team can assist Dutch companies in their internationalisation goals by introducing them to the relevant international networks, organising incoming and outbound trade missions and preparing companies for their first steps on the international business stage, amongst other things.

Convention Bureau & Tourism Board

The Convention Bureau & Tourism Board team contributes to the sustainable growth of the Rotterdam economy by positioning Rotterdam as an attractive city for international congresses, events and trade fairs that dovetail with the city’s economic growth ambitions, and by attracting these parties to Rotterdam. The team also drives the growth of the multi-day international tourism aligned to the touristic ambitions of the city by promoting Rotterdam as an attractive tourist destination to international travel-trade parties, with a focus on those touristic-target groups seen as desirable for Rotterdam.

Rotterdam Experience, Hospitality & Events

The Rotterdam Experience, Hospitality & Events team is responsible for ensuring that visitors to Rotterdam enjoy a positive and impactful experience. The team creates ambassadors who will recommend Rotterdam to other parties, while also being eager themselves to return to the city. In this context, the team collaborates closely with a network of parties and organisations within the city who play a part in the experience by providing a hospitable welcome for visitors. The team also has a stimulatory and advisory role with regard to the Rotterdam experience. The Experience, Hospitality & Events team contributes to an optimal Rotterdam experience by deploying future-proof digital hospitality for both current and future visitors; they also ensure a hospitable welcome to the city in the various physical Rotterdam Tourist Information locations.

Business Operations

The Business Operations team contributes to the realisation of the organisation’s objectives by providing optimum support to processes and colleagues alike, ensuring continuity of service provision both within and outside the organisation. The team is responsible for financial management, the ICT infrastructure, administrative organisation and central sourcing for Rotterdam Partners. This team is also responsible for management support, HR and personnel administration. The Business Operations team is also responsible for the provision of facility services to both Rotterdam Partners and the other occupants of the Schielandshuis premises.

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