Rotterdam Investment Agency merged into Rotterdam Partners

The Economic Development Board Rotterdam, Rotterdam Investment Agency and Rotterdam Marketing joined forces to make an even more efficient and effective contribution to enhancing Rotterdam’s economy and city marketing. Fred van Beuningen is the managing director of the new organisation. Rotterdam-based entrepreneur Cees de Bruin chairs the Supervisory Board.

Rotterdam Partners is happy to help you!

Rotterdam Partners International Trade & Investment (formerly known as Rotterdam Investment Agency) will gladly help you to find your way in and around Rotterdam. We help your business to make a running start. It is our job to provide strong and comprehensive support to both local and international investors with all the information necessary to set up or expand their business as efficiently as possible. We provide personal and professional advice free of charge and putting you in touch with the contacts you will need to have for setting up business in Rotterdam. Our Expatdesk assists employees working for foreign companies to settle down in the Netherlands and solve any practical issue they may have.  All our services are confidential and free of charge!